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Truth In Love Ministries
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Kingdom building opportunities are upon us as very few people have not heard that we have a “crisis” on our hands in light of accidental overdoses and tainted drugs on the streets. The local church has the eternal answer in Jesus Christ. Training in addictions as a "worship disorder" and not a "disease" will help mobilize your church to strategically and biblically help those struggling with addictive sin habits.

Some of the identifying addictions we offer treatment for are Alcoholism, Opiates and Opioid, OxyContin, Cocaine, Meth, Heroin and Prescription Drug Addictions.  To speak one of our treatment advisors or to learn more about our easy admission process call us at 1 (844) 762-3701 and we can begin to help you get on to the road to recovery.
About Us
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Our treatment programs for drug and alcohol rehab are designed for all types of addictions.  Our facilities at Qualis Care are well equipped and the staff to patient ratio is excellent, which means our patients are provided the personal attention to help them recovery in a timely manner.

We provide inpatient rehab and have an in depth understanding of the various stages of withdrawal.  Each patient is assessed during the admission process and depending on the type of drug addiction the patient is suffering from, will determine the withdrawal period.  Our professional staff members will be there for each step of rehab recovery program and help the patient proceed forward in a positive direction with the most suitable atmosphere for success.
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You're Just One Step Away To Get On The Road to Recovery
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You're Just One Step Away To Get On The Road to Recovery
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